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Dave Miller
DAVE MILLER — Owner, Durango Skies


In 2006, Observatory Solutions began designing and building roll-off roof observatories. The first installation was in southern California. Since then, Observatory Solutions has managed the installation of over 40 observatory projects, including the Double Star Observatory, Dave's own roll-off roof observatory. The Double Star Observatory is a 14'x26' structure with 14' x 18' observing area and a 14' x 8' warm room. The observatory is off-grid solar powered and houses four permanently mounted telescopes.

Having successfully managed a wide-range of observatory projects throughout the world, Observatory Solutions brings a depth of knowledge and experience in providing full-scale observatory consultation.

Over 10 Years of Observatory Solutions

Pictures from the Durango Skies retail store back in December 2005

Roll-Roof Observatory
A fully functional roll-off with steel pier and telescope

Dome Observatory
In the front of the store - a 6 foot dome observatory


Dave's Observatory: