PlaneWave Videos

The CDK 24 slewing on the Ascension 200 HR german equatorial mount.
Payload test of Ascension 200HR mount. The mount has two CDK17's and a tandem bar. The total weight is about 180 lbs.
The PlaneWave CDK700 Telescope in Motion (note the CCD camera mounted to the side of the telescope)
Planewave 24 inch CDK on an Astrophysics 3600. Shows the motion of the scope inside a 10' Home Dome. Dome sale and installation, and PlaneWave CDK24 sale, by Observatory Solutions.
PlaneWave Instruments CDK700 Telescope acquiring bright star targets.
PlaneWave CDK700 Accessories
CDK700 Mount recovers after Disturbance
The founder of PlaneWave Instruments, Rick Hedrick is talking about PlaneWave's cutting edge telescopes and mounts at the 2009 PATS.
S&T senior editor Dennis di Cicco interviews Rick Hedrick of PlaneWave Instruments at the 2011 Advanced Imaging Conference.
S&T senior editor Dennis di Cicco interviews Rick Hedrick about PlaneWave's products at the 2009 Advanced Imaging Conference.
AIC 2009 - Planewave Booth
Baader Planetarium 4.5m (14.5') Dome Mallorca with 24" CDK and GM 4000 HPS
Baader Planetarium meets PlaneWave Instruments at AAS, Seattle, Jan 2011. The PlaneWave Instruments CDK 700 astrographic dual Nasmyth telescope is a perfect tool for Science and University level projects.
The new telescope of the Technical University of Munich has been preliminary installed in the test ground of Baader Planetarum. Telescope and dome will be able to be remotely controlled.
iTelescope - Twin Planewave Telescopes. A pair of 17" PlaneWave telescopes in Spain. The CDK17 in the back is the current world record holder for distance by an amateur telescope (12.7GLY).
iTelescope.Net Planewave CDK 17" Telescope. This remote telescope stationed at the iTelescope / AstroCamp facility in Spain.
First Light for the Peterberg Halbmeter Telescope PlaneWave CDK 20"