MaxIm DL

MaxIm DL
  • Brand: Diffraction Limited
  • Product Code: MaxImDL
  • Availability: Ships directly from manufacturer
  • Variable Price


MaxIm DL is the complete integrated solution for all of your astronomical imaging needs. Whether you are collecting and analyzing science data or making beautiful portraits of the night sky, MaxIm DL includes all the tools you need.

Key Benefits

  • Complete observatory integration. Controls all of your astronomical equipment.
  • Integrates your camera, autoguider, filter wheels, focusers, camera rotator, telescope mount, observatory webcam, remote switches, weather station, and dome.
  • Fully ASCOM compliant.
  • Built-in mini-planetarium helps you maintain "situational awareness".
  • Designed for efficiency. Create your own presets for finding, centering, focusing, and imaging sequences.
  • Multithreaded hardware interfaces for smooth and responsive operation.
  • Automated shutdown with user-definable triggers (including weather) and sequencing.
  • PinPoint V6 with online all-sky solving - easily recover if your telescope gets lost.
  • Automatic pier flipping with guide star reaquisition.
  • Multistar and differential autoguiding.
  • Monitor and control your observatory with dome webcam, remote switches, and weather monitoring.
  • Stack hundreds of images of different targets in one operation - with automatic alignment and bad data rejection.
  • Blend in narrowband data to create fully realistic images or false color representations of your data.
  • Includes a complete image processing toolkit, including a large variety of filters, deblooming, curves, deconvolution, color tools, and much more.
  • Analyze multispectral photometry data for huge numbers of images including multiple targets; export light curves and AAVSO reports.
  • Instant Raw image color preview - see Raw images in full color without Bayer conversion.

MaxIm DL Version 6 is available in five options. Choose the MaxIm DL option that is best for you.

Major Feature Basic IP DSLR Pro Suite
Download Price ($ USD) $199 $299 $399 $499 $599
Boxed Price ($ USD) $299 $399 $499 $599 $699
Includes MaxPoint         X
Com/ActiveX Scripting   X X X X
Supports FocusMax, ACP, etc.     X X X
Built-in Planetarium       X X
Supernova Search Tool   X X X X
Scientific-Grade CCD Control (Andor, Apogee, FLI, QSI, Roper, SBIG, Starlight Xpress, etc.)       X X
DSLR Control (Canon, Nikon, Olympus)     X X X
Webcam/DSI Control (Lumenera, Meade DSI, StarShoot, etc.) X   X X X
Filter Wheel Control       X X
Autoguider Control X   X X X
AO Control       X X
Dome Control       X X
Focuser Control     X X X
Telescope Control     X X X
Observatory Webcam Display       X X
Davis Weather Station Integration       X X
Boltwood Cloud Sensor Integration       X X
Multiple Exposure Presets X   X X X
Autosave Sequences X   X X X
Visual Focus Tools X   X X X
Autofocus     X X X
Scheduled Exposures (eclipse)     X X X
Capture Mosaic       X X
Dithering     X X X
Tracking Error Graph     X X X
Tracking Log X   X X X
Tracking Alarms X   X X X
Move (via autoguider pulse) X   X X X
Built-in Catalogs     X X X
Automatic Star Chart Overlay       X X
Automatic Observatory Shutdown       X X
Automatic Pier Flip       X X
Multi-Star Autoguiding       X X
Differential Autoguiding       X X
Exposure Auto-Script       X X
New/Open/Revert/Save/Close X X X X X
Read/Write AVI Files X X X X
Reads DSLR RAW Files   X X X X
Batch Save/Convert   X X X X
Print X X X X X
Load/Save Configurations   X X X X
Annotate Images   X   X X
All Other Edit Features X X X X X
Pan/Zoom X X X X X
View Full Screen X X X X X
Screen Stretch Window X X X X X
Information Window X X X X X
Pan Window X X X X X
Zoom Window X X X X X
FITS Header Window X X X X X
Graphs Window   X   X X
Log Window   X X X X
Batch Process Window X X X X X
Virtual Keypad     X X X
Night Vision Mode X   X X X
Animate/Blink X X X X X
Equalize Screen Stretch X X X X X
PinPoint Astrometry   X   X X
Photometry   X   X X
Intelligent Image Calibration X X X X X
Align Images X X X X X
Stack Images X X X X X
Remove Bad Pixels   X   X X
Add Noise   X   X X
Remove Bloom   X   X X
Remove Pedestal X X X X X
Resize/Double Size/Half Size X X X X X
Make Pixels Square X X X X X
Stretch (linear/log/gamma) X X X X X
Histogram Specification   X   X X
Curves X X X X X
Levels X X X X X
Threshold   X   X X
Pixel Math X X X X X
Kernel Filter X X X X X
FFT Filter   X   X X
Unsharp Mask Filter X X X X X
Digital Development X X X X X
Range-Restricted Filters   X X X X
Rank Filter   X   X X
Local Adaptive Filter   X   X X
Rotational Gradient Filter   X   X X
Wavelet Filter X X X X X
Deconvolve   X   X X
Flatten/Remove Gradient   X X X X
Combine Color (RGB, LRGB) X X X X X
Color Stack   X   X X
Split Tricolor X X X X X
Convert to Mono X X X X X
Pseudo Color   X   X X
Convert Color (de-bayer) X X X X X
Realign Planes X X X X X
Adjust Saturation   X X X X
Remove Background Color   X X X X
Color Smoothing   X X X X
Color Adjust (graphical)   X X X X
Quick Color X X X X X
Narrowband Blending   X   X X