Paramount MX+ Robotic Telescope System

Paramount MX+ Robotic Telescope System
  • Brand: Software Bisque
  • Product Code: MX-RED
  • Availability: Ships directly from manufacturer
  • $9,000.00


The Paramount MX+ is an ultra-precision German equatorial mount that is designed to deliver unmatched performance to the amateur or professional astronomer. It has a 100 lb (45 kg) total instrument capacity and comes with TheSkyX Pro, TPoint Add On and Camera Add On software.

Control Software

The Paramount includes the world’s most advanced observatory control software, for both Mac and Windows, which means you’ll enjoy the benefits increased productivity and ease of use, right out of the box.

  • TheSky Professional Edition
  • Camera Add On
  • TPoint Add On

All sky pointing accuracy

In theory, the Paramount can point your telescope under one arcsecond (the limit of the control system’s encoders). In practice, you should expect to achieve repeatable, quantifiable pointing accuracies at or below 30 arcseconds RMS by employing the TPoint Telescope Pointing Analysis software.


The spring-loaded worm-to-gear interface has virtually zero backlash in both the right ascension and declination axis.

Nightly Startup

When aligned with the celestial pole (a requirement for all German equatorial mounts), the Paramount can be restarted (powered off then on) with virtually identical pointing and tracking from session to session.

Tracking performance and periodic error

The peak-to-peak periodic error for the right ascension gear is seven (7) arcseconds or less, before periodic error correction. The typical Paramount periodic error after periodic error correction is applied is one (1) arcsecond peak-to-peak or less. This means the tracking errors that are the result of the worm rotating are generally less than the errors introduced by atmospheric turbulence (local seeing) and negligible.

MKS 5000 Control System

Software Bisque’s fourth generation dual axis motion control system features:

  • USB 2.0 PC to mount interface for high-speed communication with TheSky
  • LED and audible feedback for startup, homing, and error conditions
  • Integrated internal wiring for all mount electronics
  • Two port USB hub on the Instrument Panel (near your equipment)
  • Tracking and "in progress slews" are immediately stopped in the event the mount's payload encounters a fixed object, such as the side of the pier
  • Power supply included - Paramount MX max power output: 80W, Input: 100-240VAC ~47-63 Hz 1.9A, output: +48V 1.66A max.
  • Field upgradable firmware
  • Hand controller features an integrated mini-joystick controller and configurable five position rate switch that allows single-handed mount control, an integrated bright red LED flashlight, a "hang anywhere" cable loop and 15-foot coiled hand paddle to mount cable
  • Programmable periodic error correction with "seeing agnostic" periodic error curve fitting built into TheSkyX Professional Edition
  • Built-in 'ST-4 standard' autoguider port on the Instrument Panel
  • Temperature compensated internal oscillator with better than ten parts per million precision to ensure accurate tracking rates over a wide temperature range
  • Built-in temperature sensor that allows the slew rate to be automatically reduced when the temperature drops
  • Soft "reboot" capability. This means that the control system can be restarted through software and does not have to be manually turned off, then on.
Paramount ME/MX/MYT
Mount Design German Equatorial Mount (GEM)
Body and Gears 6061 aluminum
Worm Gear Brass
Instrument Capacity 100 lb. (45 kg) total instrument capacity
Mount Weight 50 lb. (23 kg). Includes the weight of the Versa-Plate mounting adaptor. This does not include the weight of the removable counterweight shaft or the counterweights.
Control System MKS 5000
Motors Brushless servo motors
Gears 7.5-in. right ascension and declination aluminum gears
Bearings 6-in., contact ball bearings in both right ascension and declination axes.
OTA Mounting Versa-Plate: Attach virtually any optical tube assembly with this versatile mounting adaptor, which Includes a built-in Losmandy D dovetail. The Paramount MX+ can accept larger model Officina Stellare and PlaneWave telescopes with the optional Large Dovetail.
Slew Limits The mounts slewing and tracking limits are configurable from TheSkyX Pro so that your equipment will not encounter the side of the pier.
External Ports The Instrument Panel offers a two port USB hub, +12V, +5V 2.1 mm power plug ports, a guider port, focuser port, and custom through the mount powering system that can power cameras, filter wheels, autoguiders or other devices.
Illumination A built-in red LED on the hand paddle doubles as a flashlight that can be helpful during nightly setup tasks. Integrated “landing lights” beneath the mount’s polar axis can be turned on to illuminate your work area.
Accessories Included Two 20 lb. counterweights, Versa-Plate, power supply, PC to mount USB cable, hand paddle, TheSkyX Pro and Add Ons for Mac and Windows, counterweight shaft, bubble level.
Mount Cabling All the control system cabling is routed internally through the mount.
Elevation Range 10° – 65°
Warranty One year electronic components, two years mechanical components.