Pro Dome 6' Dome Observatory

  • $5,395.00


The Pro-Dome PD6 model is a complete six foot diameter fiberglass observatory for standalone use. It includes dome halves, rear cover, shutters, dome support ring, 45" high wall, molded full height entrance door, stainless steel assembly hardware, caulk, and instructions. Up to three (3) Computer Cubbies (CC6) can be added to increases dome floor area by providing a recess into the dome wall for working with your computer or notes. The cubbie size is 30" wide, 16" deep, and 40" high. Each cubbie replaces a wall section of the PD6.

Electric motors for shutter operation and rotation are available for all domes. All motors are 12 VDC and can be added at any time to the dome. For robotic operation, Technical Innovations provides Digital Dome Works (DDW), a computer based automation system which allows you to open and close the shutter, and control the dome azimuth so that it matches the telescope position. While the basic DDW is designed primarily for situations where the control room and the observatory are located no more than 400 feet apart, Technical Innovations offers options that allows you to operate an observatory many miles away or across the Internet.

Technical Innovations manufacturers the Home-Dome and Pro-Dome fiberglass observatories. These observatories are available in stand-alone (Pro-Dome) and on-structure (Home-Dome) versions. The standard colors are white outside and dark blue inside. Special colors are available and Technical Innovations can do a color match from a sample you provide or you may request a color chart. Fire retardant can be added for additional protection in fire danger areas.

Dome Shipping
Dome Crating/Shipping Price listed does not include crating and shipping charges. The crating charge for the PD6 dome is $395 and for the PD6 with computer cubbies is $495. Give us a call for a complete observatory quote.
Dome Specifications
Dome Diameter 6' (1.829 meters)
Base Ring Diameter 5' 11" (1.803 meters)
Wall Ring Height This is a wall and not a ring: 3' 9" (1.143 meters)
Door Opening 19" (0.483 meters)
Height at Center 6' 10" (2.083 meters)
Rollers 10
Slot Width 30" (0.762 meters)
Slot Past Zenith 12' (0.305 meters)
Structure Weight 200 lbs (90.7 kg)

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