PlaneWave Ascension 200HR Mount

PlaneWave Ascension 200HR Mount
  • $23,500.00


The PlaneWave Ascension 200HR German Equatorial Mount is designed to give peerless performance with up to 275 pounds of payload. It uses 360-tooth, 12.1 inch diameter RA and DEC gears, has built-in homing sensors on each axis, and is supplied with a hand pad. The Ascension 200HR is additionally equipped with state-of-the-art high-resolution encoders on each axis that correct for residual mechanical errors including Periodic Error and DEC backlash, thereby enabling long, unguided exposures.

The Ascension 200HR is an excellent mount for both permanent observatories and portable applications. Modularity makes the mount easily transportable for field work, breaking down into three components. The heaviest component is 96 pounds.

The PlaneWave Instruments Ascension 200HR mount is beautifully machined and finished, featuring anodized aluminum with touches of powder-coated aluminum and stainless steel complements.


  • EQ Head
  • Sidereal Tech Control System
  • Control Software and Driver
  • PlaneWave 7.65 inch Saddle -or PlaneWave's tilt-in saddle for Losmandy style 3-inch dovetail plates
  • Counter-weight Shaft (without weights)